Han was born in the little  village of Millingen aan de Rijn, situated at the border of Holland and Germany. While playing flügelhorn and saxophone at the local orchestra he was presented with a puzzling new world: the world of music! After graduating at the Notre Dame des Anges High School, Han entered the Arnhem Conservatory and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for conducting (1983- 1987) and saxophone (1982-1988) studies. After training at the Royal Netherlands Air Force NCO School in 1988-1989 he joined the Royal Air Force as noncommissioned officer and was based at the Nato Jazz Orchestra at NATO HQ in Mons, Belgium until 1995. In 1993 he won a First Prize for choir conducting at the Brussels Royal Conservatory. In 1995 Han studied with composer Willem Kersters at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp. From then on a career got on the move, a present day resulting at a very fulfilling post as all-round musician at the Municipal Academy for Music, Drama and Dance at Lier, Belgium. Besides this job Han is busy organizing master classes, summer camps, music festivals and charity events in Belgium and abroad.

With the years, whilst learning new instruments like piano, double bass, (bass)trombone and church organ, working as an all-round musician, the puzzle from his youth got clearer: music in itself is a charming gift, but the greater gift is being able to share it with others. This music-bursting life presented itself full of inspiring encounters, and there are many more to come…